The Best TheraNest Alternative in 2021: Nuna

Every therapist wants to focus on helping their clients to overcome their issues and become the best version of themselves. You didn’t get into therapy to spend your days with too many tabs open, shuffling between different tools and therapist directories just to find and manage clients. 

That’s where practice management and EHR software comes in. All-in-one therapy platforms can free up your time and bandwidth. Solutions like TheraNest streamline tasks like appointment scheduling, client records, and invoicing, so you can focus on what you’re best at—helping people heal. 

TheraNest is popular for its suite of practice management tools and teletherapy offerings. But there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. There’s another option—an alternative to TheraNest that offers all this and more, and at a lower price point. Introducing: Nuna. 


In this article, we’ll tell you why many therapists are choosing Nuna and give you a comparison of both tools. By seeing how Nuna and TheraNest stack up, you can decide on the best option for your practice and your unique needs. 


Nuna is a new TheraNest alternative that also connects you with clients all around the world. Try it now, it’s free!

How do TheraNest and Nuna compare? 

What is Nuna? 

Nuna is an all-in-one practice management tool that can transform how you run your therapy practice. Nuna offers effective tools at every stage of the client cyclefrom helping you to recruit new clients, to managing appointments, progress notes, and client communications, to running effective teletherapy sessions. 

All-in-one tool for therapists

Here’s what it offers: 

  • Makes booking, rescheduling, and canceling a seamless process for your clientsremoving the barriers that stop people from making therapy appointments. 
  • Reduces no-shows with automatic reminders and a booking calendar that updates in real time. 
  • It’s a secure system that gives you and your client peace of mind that their dataand teletherapy sessionsare protected. 
  • Comprehensive client communication channels mean there’s no need to give your phone, Whatsapp, or private email to clients. 
  • Streamline your record-keeping with client notes and planning features. 
  • Find new clients with a therapist marketplace that gives you a public profile on Nuna’s searchable database and recommends you to clients who may be a good match
  • A robust, secure teletherapy platform that lets you start video calls within your client profile and share files. 
  • Invoicing and billing for smooth payment processes.
  • Analytics features that give you insight into how your business is performingand how you can improve it.  


Nuna vs. TheraNest 

So how does TheraNest compare? 

Like Nuna, Theranest includes the standard practice-management features that reduce busywork for therapists and make your practice workflow more efficient. You can record client notes and build treatment plans, using customizable templates. A real-time diary and automated appointment reminders help you to better manage your agenda. 

Similar to Nuna, TheraNest offers invoicing and billing features and a platform for teletherapy. If telehealth features are important to you, check out our breakdown of the best teletherapy platforms. 

Another feature users like about TheraNest is its scalability—multiple staff in a practice can use it, each with their own profiles. 

But it can get pricey. TheraNest’s price is based on the number of active clients you have, starting at $39 for just 30 active clients, while Nuna is free. Even Nuna’s premium plans are much more accessibly priced—we’ll talk more about that later on. 

Unlike Nuna, to use many of TheraNest’s features, you’ll need to pay extra for add-ons or upgrades. The telehealth video platform brings an extra monthly fee, as does the client portal functionality. 

While Nuna’s therapist directory helps you to market yourself and find new clients, TheraNest doesn’t have any marketing features. 


Why is Nuna the best alternative to TheraNest?

TheraNest is a powerful practice-management platform, but its limitations mean you may want to consider an alternative. Here’s why we think Nuna is the right choice for many therapists. 


Nuna is free

The basic version of Nuna is free forever—and it has a huge number of features, including: 

  • Secure communication tools over chat and video. 
  • Real-time calendar and scheduling features with appointment reminders.
  • Client history and consent forms to simplify your paperwork. 
  • Responsive customer support.


Nuna Marketplace is €0 per month upfront—you only pay a small commission if you actually get clients through Nuna. This premium plan includes all the free features plus: 

  • Online payments. 
  • A public profile on Nuna’s interactive therapist directory. 
  • Flexible pricing. 
  • Access to Nuna’s blog community, which can boost your online presence for marketing. 


Nuna’s top-tier offering, Nuna Pro, is coming soon. For a small fee, Nuna Pro offers all of the above features as well as: 

  • Advanced analytics to dive deep into how your business is doing. 
  • Additional invoicing support. 
  • Software designed for group therapy. 
  • New features are added regularly. 
Nuna is available for free

In contrast, the most basic plan TheraNest offers costs $39—and that’s for a limited number of users, and doesn’t include video teletherapy or a client portal. The costs can add up, especially if you have lots of occasional clients who may not attend regular appointments but are active in your client database.


Nuna is user-friendly 

Nuna has been designed specifically for ease of use. Even less tech-savvy therapists can navigate its intuitive layout, easy-to-find features, and simple, streamlined design. 

TheraNest is also designed to be a user-friendly therapy tool, but it had a bit more of a learning curve. Its more complicated interface makes it trickier to get the hang of. There’s a complex range of features, but not all therapists need these, and they can crowd the interface and make it difficult to pinpoint what you’re looking for. 

This is a crucial consideration for therapists: practice management tools are supposed to make your life easier, not complicate it. You don’t want to waste time and energy trying to find the features you need. 

It’s also important to think about how easy it is for your clients to navigate your practice management software. If your clients or potential clients are confused by the tool, they may be put off using it or they may use it incorrectly, leaving you with erroneous bookings to deal with.

Nuna is all about empowering therapists to run their practice more smoothly—not giving them more work. 

Nuna connects you with clients from all over the world

Nuna’s therapist marketplace is a unique feature that matches therapists with clients who need their services. That means you can treat clients all around the world—you’re not limited to your local territory and local rates.  

By creating a profile on Nuna’s therapist directory, you can increase your web presence, and show up in user web searches even without a website. Nuna also offers its therapists extra visibility by publishing expert guest posts on its blog, which adds to your online credibility. 

Nuna’s directory

As a side note—Nuna also connects you with therapists from around the world, Nuna community, Practika, share tips and stories via blog. 

On the other hand, while TheraNest is a great practice management tool, it’s pure practice management—there are no directory tools, client matching features, or opportunities for extra marketing or publicity. 

Nuna has outstanding customer service 

Customer service is everything at Nuna. You’re guaranteed fast, reliable customer service from a friendly team that knows Nuna inside out and genuinely wants to help. 

As well as solving specific queries as fast as lightning, Nuna’s customer success team is in constant contact with users and really listens to their feedback. 

TheraNest does have multiple customer service options available, but some Trustpilot users have said there’s often a long delay in responding or that they weren’t able to fully resolve their query.

Nuna innovates and responds to your needs

As stated on Nuna’s website:  “You tell us what you need, we build!”

Nuna was created in close collaboration with therapists, and we continue to listen to our therapist users. We’re not a large, faceless software corporation—we’re a small, agile team who want to hear your ideas and needs. We constantly innovate new features based on what our users ask for. 


This is a major differentiator between Nuna and TheraNest.

Nuna: The best TheraNest alternative in 2021

Here’s how Nuna and TheraNest stack up: 


  Nuna TheraNest
Pricing  Free or low-cost premium option available  Starts at $39 for limited users and features 
Ease of use  Low learning curve Medium learning curve
Secure teletherapy Yes – free  Yes – extra fee
Finding new clients Comprehensive therapist directory & marketplace No features for finding new clients 
Practice management features: real-time scheduling, client records & invoicing tools Yes – all included Yes – all included
Customer service Quick response time Some reviews suggest a medium response time 


Nuna stands out as an affordable, user-friendly alternative to TheraNest that also helps therapists to market themselves and find new clients worldwide. 

We think it’s the best TheraNest alternative for most therapists—but don’t take our word for it. Give it a try (remember, it’s free forever)—or if you want to shop around and compare other software, take a look at our articles on TherapyNotes alternatives, a Simple Practice alternative, or our comparison of all three tools: Simple Practice vs TherapyNotes vs Nuna.

Nuna is a new TheraNest alternative that also connects you with clients all around the world. Try it now, it’s free!


We're the team behind Nuna. Nuna is an all-in-one solution for mental healthcare professionals around the world. We help you save time and connect with new clients to run your practice. To join, visit and get started for free!

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