The Best 8 TherapyNotes Alternatives for Therapists in 2021

If you’re trying to choose a practice management software for your therapy business it can be tempting to just opt for TherapyNotes instead of spending time researching alternatives. TherapyNotes is an excellent practice management tool for some therapists, but is it the right one for you?


While it may be one of the most well-known software options for managing your practice, it’s also one of the most expensive. If you’re just starting your practice, it may be outside of your budget and, in any case, there may be features that aren’t necessary for you. 


There are some fantastic TherapyNotes alternatives that offer a range of features that could be more suited to your therapy practice. Some even provide additional features that TherapyNotes doesn’t have. In this roundup, we will help you choose the best practice management solution for your therapy business in 2021. 


Nuna is a practice management software for therapists that also connects you with clients all around the world. Try it, it’s free!

Alternatives to TherapyNotes

1. Nuna – all-in-one practice management software

Nuna is an all-in-one practice management software that health professionals are raving about. The software is exceptionally intuitive and user-friendly, enabling even those who aren’t tech-savvy to manage their practice digitally without any training.

Nuna has advanced appointment scheduling features that allow your clients to book, reschedule, and cancel appointments, updating your booking calendar in real-time. It sends out automatic reminders to your clients and to you, to help prevent missed appointments.

It has an integrated telehealth video system, enabling you to take online appointments without investing in additional software. During these appointments, you can take progress notes, update electronic health records, and share screens with your patients.

Beyond just being a practice management software, Nuna also helps therapists connect with clients using its digital clinician database. You can create a profile listing your area of expertise, and patients can find you based on the services they’re looking for.

Feature-rich and completely free to use, Nuna offers a great option both for those starting their teletherapy practice and those who are more established.

Pricing: Free.

2. SimplePractice – secure, HIPAA-approved TherapyNotes alternative


SimplePractice is one of the top-reviewed practice management software tools for clinicians looking for a hub to manage their medical practice. It has online scheduling and booking features, paperless intake forms, form templates, and appointment reminders via email or SMS.

Patients can book, reschedule or cancel their appointments through the interface and communicate directly to you through its secure messaging features.

It’s easy to onboard new clients with the patient portal where your clients can access and pay their invoices, fill out forms, and send documents as needed. SimplePractice has HIPAA-approved telehealth features, although you cannot host group sessions or have more than two lines running simultaneously.

While there are many useful features in SimplePractice, there is a slight learning curve to get familiar with the software. That said, they have training videos and live classes to help you get familiar with how it works.

Pricing: The essential plan starts from $39 per month, but if you want to access the telehealth features, you need the premium plan, which is $59. On top of that, it’s $10 per month, per clinician, for the telehealth add-on.

3. TheraNest – mobile-friendly alternative to TherapyNotes

TheraNest is a great software solution for behavioral health practitioners running their private practices online. You can build treatment plans and record progress notes directly in the interface, plus share them with patients so they can access them at any time.

It has a mobile app that is available on both Apple and Android devices, making it easy for you and your patients to log onto the portal and manage all your appointments, invoices, and documents.

TheraNest is a great option for practitioners that want to scale or get additional team members on board as its interface allows multiple staff log-ins. It has billing features and credit card processing so that you won’t need a separate payment processing software.

You can use templates for progress notes, treatment plans, initial assessments, etc., although they aren’t super customizable, so you’re limited to the changes you can make on them. Still, it will save you time crafting forms from scratch.

Pricing: The monthly package starts at $39 per month for up to 30 clients, with telehealth features available for an additional $12 per month, per therapist.

4. Kareo – cloud-based medical billing software

Kareo is a cloud-based practice management tool that helps to streamline all your processes. The medical billing software allows you to send e-claims, verify insurance, receive payments from e-insurance, and manage and store financial documents. It also generates customized financial reports for you, which you can download to your computer or device straight from the application.

Those who are not super tech-savvy may have struggles navigating the platform, but they offer webinars and remote live support to help those who need it. The platform is built specifically with small practice business owners’ needs in mind, with tailored workflows and integrated patient-to-practitioner messaging features.

It doesn’t have complex features that you don’t need as an independent practitioner. It doesn’t come with telehealth features, but you can add-on the Kareo Telehealth, which integrates directly into the PMS.

Pricing: $150 per month per provider, with up to 50 claims  

Similar tools to TherapyNotes

5. WebPT – electronic medical records system

WebPT is another cloud-based practice management solution and EMR (electronic medical records system). Practitioners can create and store patient documents directly in the interface and send them to patients in the portal or via fax.

The base software is simple and built specifically for building EHRs. You can add any additional features that you require, such as appointment scheduling, appointment reminders, treatment plan tracking, and even home exercise programs for patients. You will have to pay extra for each feature you want, but it enables you to customize your software exactly how you want it and not pay for features you don’t need.

Since it’s entirely web-based, you can access it anywhere without downloading it onto your device. It can also integrate with a variety of different EHR platforms.

Pricing: Starts at $110 per month

6. Therapy Partner – Simple and user-friendly alternative to TherapyNotes

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Therapy Partner combines appointment scheduling, billing, electronic health records, and a patient portal in one software. It’s a simple cloud-based software that helps therapists automate their invoicing and billing processes by sending out monthly statements and allowing patients to process payments directly. Patients can also send their bills off to their insurance providers without therapists needing to do any of the work.

Therapy Partner doesn’t have any telehealth features, so you’ll need to use another application if you’re looking to offer remote video appointments. That said, because the software is quite basic, it is less expensive than many other practice management solutions.

Training and onboarding are personalized to you, ensuring that you’re entirely comfortable with the software before you start using it to serve your clients.

Pricing: Starts at $37 per month for solo practitioners

7. Sevocity – most customizable TherapyNotes alternative

Sevocity is the online practice management solution and EHR that allows unlimited customization of your software. You choose exactly what features you need and which you can do without. You can always add on extra features if you need them later on. A user-friendly patient portal is included for free, where you can communicate with your patients and send and receive documentation.

If you’re currently using another practice management solution or have your patient data somewhere, you can easily migrate it to Sevocity for no cost. They have interfaces in place with various other practice management tools and billing systems such as EZ Claim, Kareo, Open Practice, UltraMed, and more. Sevocity will build a bi-directional interface for you with any of its partners.

Sevocity is priced based on the features and integrations you want access to, but it can be a bit pricey. Still, for some therapists, it’s worth it for the unlimited customizations.

Pricing: For the EHR, it’s $379 or less per provider, and for the dual EHR and practice manager, it’s $609 per provider or less.

8. WeCounsel – practice management tool for small teams

For therapists operating within a small team, WeCounsel is a good practice management software option. It’s another web-based option meaning that you can access it from any computer, making it a versatile and flexible option.

It has integrated telemedicine video chat that is HIPAA-compliant, so you can run your appointments without leaving the software. You can store all your patient documents and notes within the software and share them with other staff in your practice. One thing to note is that multiple users cannot be within a patient chart simultaneously, so if someone else is actively using a file, you’ll have to wait to access it.

WeCounsel can process payments online, check with insurance providers to ensure patients are eligible and submit insurance claims as well. It also has automated online scheduling and sends automated appointment reminders to your patients.

They provide thorough training and onboarding and are happy to do test calls to test out the software as you get used to it. It doesn’t have a mobile app, so you’ll have to access WeCounsel through your web browser.

Pricing: Starts at $24.99 per month

TherapyNotes alternatives

Choosing an alternative to TherapyNotes to manage your practice means that you have more abilities to tailor your software to your needs. While TherapyNotes does offer some great features for therapists, some of the other software in our list give you a more customized offering at a range of different price points. A therapy scheduling tool like Nuna is free to use, making them accessible to therapists at any stage of their business journey.

Effectively managing your online therapy business using a practice management software similar to TherapyNotes will enable you to scale, connect with patients globally, and streamline your processes so that you can spend more time working with clients.

Nuna is a practice management software for therapists that also connects you with clients all around the world. Try it, it’s free!


We're the team behind Nuna. Nuna is an all-in-one solution for mental healthcare professionals around the world. We help you save time and connect with new clients to run your practice. To join, visit and get started for free!

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