9 best therapy scheduling software (some are free!)

Online scheduling apps aren’t just for convenience.

Yes, it does mean less time managing administration through WhatsApp or your paper notebook, and more time focusing on helping your clients. But it also allows your clients to feel more comfortable to reach out when they need you—fear of picking up the phone is a real thing, and them being able to pick a slot with you removes one more level of friction.

Therapy scheduling software will enable you to set appointment slots based on your availability. Your clients can book, edit, or cancel their appointments from their computer or mobile device without ever needing to speak to you directly. 

Let’s take a look at how scheduling software can help your practice, plus some of the best options available to you.

Nuna is an online scheduling app for therapists that also connects you with clients all around the world. Try it, it’s free!

How can therapy scheduling software help therapists?

Therapy scheduling software is a fantastic tool for occupational therapists at any stage of their entrepreneurial journey. Whether you’re starting a telehealth practice with a few clients or running your own clinic, therapy appointment scheduling software can help you operate more effectively.

1. Saves time

Consider every task that you spend time on that does not include working with clients. As a therapist, there is always something to do, and every minute that you can save counts. Scheduling patients is time-consuming. Patients might call you to make an appointment while you’re in a session, then you have to call them back, and they don’t answer. And the back and forth game continues. The same can happen with email while you try to find a convenient appointment time that works for both you and your patient.

Online appointment scheduling can alleviate the time and energy you spend appointment scheduling. Patients can view all your availability online and choose a slot that works best for them. It can also send out automated appointment reminders, so you don’t have to do it manually.

2. Reduce cancellations/no-shows

There’s no reason why therapists need to have no-shows so frequently. Yet, it’s a painful reality of the profession. That is especially true as you become busier and want to fill up your patient slots. Having gaps within your day as a result of a no-show or late cancellation isn’t just annoying—it’s your time and money lost. Patients might call up to book an appointment far in advance but then forget about it once the day comes. Scheduling software will automatically remind patients that their appointments are coming up, which helps reduce no-shows. It also gives patients a chance to log on and reschedule if they know they won’t make their appointment slot.

3. Make it easier for patients to schedule appointments at any time

While it may seem like it only takes a few minutes to call up and book an appointment, even this can be a chore. If they’re feeling particularly shy about booking an appointment or hesitating in any way, any kind of friction in the booking process might put them off. Online booking software is simple, straightforward and secure—for both you and your patients.

Online scheduling software enables patients to both schedule and reschedule their appointments at any time. They can even book an appointment in the middle of the night if they want to. It could take you some time to get back to emails, and you likely aren’t answering your business phone in the middle of the night, which could be limiting to patients. Giving them full flexibility to jump on and book through a scheduling app means they are more likely to do so.

It also ensures you don’t double book patients or accidentally overbook yourself. When you’re busy, you might jot down appointments on a piece of paper or in the notepad on your phone and then forget about it. Online scheduling software helps you to avoid this.

4. Improve communication with patients

Although you may not be personally speaking to your patients, using an appointment booking software system can improve your patient communication. Offering online scheduling means that it is easier for patients to access your services and do so rapidly. If they get a last-minute break in their schedule, they can easily grab an appointment slot without needing to try to reach you via telephone. For mental health professionals, this functionality is even more important since those with mental health concerns may feel uncomfortable communicating about them on phone calls.

The best therapy scheduling software

There are tons of different scheduling software available, but some are better tailored to therapists than others. When dealing with sensitive client health data, you need a secure software to keep information private. Here are some of the best scheduling software options available for therapists.

1. Nuna

Nuna is a practice management solution that is designed specifically for the needs of therapists. Nuna’s appointment scheduling interface allows patients to schedule, reschedule, and cancel appointments with real-time alerts. Beyond online booking capabilities, Nuna has many other features that are beneficial for therapists, including:

  • Calendar sync with Google Calendar and iCal
  • Built-in, secure video chat with screen sharing capabilities
  • Ready-to-use document templates
  • Visibility: Nuna promotes you and connects you with clients around the world
  • Electronic health record (EMR) note-taking interface, allowing you to edit, store and share records as needed
  • Doesn’t require you to have your own website—in fact, we’ll promote your services for you.
  • Free to use

Want to have an all-in-one tool to manage your therapy business, online and offline? Try Nuna! It’s free forever 

2. Yellow Schedule

Yellow schedule is primarily an appointment scheduling software with its own mobile app for Android and iOS. It follows HIPAA compliance regulations, making it a secure way for your patients to book appointments with you. Yellow Schedule does one thing but does it well, which is scheduling appointments. It integrates directly onto your website, enabling patients to see your availability and easily select an appointment time. Some of its best features include:

  • Calendar sync with Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook, and Yahoo
  • Appointment confirmation reminders via both email and SMS
  • Recurring appointment creation up to 2 years in advance
  • Add multiple practitioners for those who work for a larger practice

3. Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a web-based scheduling software that many are already familiar with. While it doesn’t offer therapist-specific features, it does allow you to book appointments and is free to use. You can schedule appointment slots directly into your calendar and share them on your website so that clients can see all your available appointment times without having to email or call you to book. However, you do need to set the appointments manually, which means you may still add friction to the process.

Some of Google Calendar’s features include:

  • Gmail sync
  • Mobile app (Android and iOS)
  • Website integration
  • World clock for booking virtual appointments internationally

4. Doctoralia

Doctoralia is a practice management software system made to help clinicians effectively manage patients. The platform was created specifically with health care professionals in mind, allowing clinicians in different fields to streamline their appointment scheduling. Doctoralia stores patient medical records, treatment plans, and any notes about therapy sessions directly on the platform. Some of Doctoralia’s features are:

  • Google Calendar synchronization
  • Automated SMS and email reminders
  • Microsoft Azure cloud security system to protect sensitive patient data

5. Docplanner

Docplanner varies from other appointment scheduling software as it also helps to connect patients with appropriate healthcare professionals. While other software may integrate directly into your website, Docplanner is the hub where patients can explore the different therapist options available and then book with them directly from the platform. Docplanner helps solopreneur therapists to reach their client-base and boost their online presence. Docplanner has some great features like:

  • Automated reminders to reduce no-shows
  • Patient reviews, allowing previous clients to leave a review about their experience on your professional profile
  • Customizable profile and schedule creation

6. AppointmentPlus

One of the most important aspects of being a successful therapist is being available for your patients whenever they need you. AppointmentPlus enables clients to jump on your website and manage their own appointments whenever and from wherever they want. On top of that, you can track leads through AppointmentPlus, meaning if potential patients show interest in your services that you can follow-up with them. It stores and organizes all patient contact information within the interface so you can find the person you’re looking for easily. Some of the other features on AppointmentPlus include:

  • Export files or reports to Excel
  • Sync with online calendars like iCal, Google Calendar, and Outlook
  • Email or text message appointment reminders

7. Theraplatform

Theraplatform is a practice management software for therapists that has a massive list of beneficial features. Beyond just scheduling appointments, the software also allows you to bill clients, submit insurance claims, fill out consent and intake forms and also has video conferencing features. You can take therapy notes directly on the platform, and the client portal even has time tracking features. Some other useful tools include:

  • Secure messaging in-platform
  • Screen sharing
  • Document sharing
  • Easy to set up

 8. SetMore

SetMore is a free appointment scheduling software with payment integrations. Patients can view availability, book sessions, and pay for them in advance. This functionality is extremely beneficial, especially for telehealth providers who have no in-person credit card machine or POS system. You can also create service links for group therapy sessions, individual sessions, and guided self-help. Though it doesn’t have its own video conferencing capabilities, you can connect it with Zoom or Teleport. Some of the other features include:

  • Recurring appointment scheduling
  • Secure online payment through Square or Stripe
  • Ability to add multiple staff profiles
  • 24/7 booking capabilities

9. PickTime

PickTime is a free software that helps therapists to manage their appointments. It enables paperless procedure workflows and streamlines the patient booking process. The software is entirely web-based, so both therapists and patients can access it from anywhere, including desktop, laptop, or any smart device. It also stores patient data, which you can export to your marketing software or CRM. PickTime’s best features are:

  • Multiple location access
  • Staff management features for clinics with multiple therapists
  • Free to use
  • Personalized booking page


All therapists can benefit from using therapy scheduling software to optimize their processes. Booking appointments manually is a thing of the past, and with budget-friendly (and free) options available, it doesn’t require a considerable investment to get started.

Nuna is an online scheduling app for therapists that also connects you with clients all around the world. Try it, it’s free!


We're the team behind Nuna. Nuna is an all-in-one solution for mental healthcare professionals around the world. We help you save time and connect with new clients to run your practice. To join, visit expert.holanuna.com and get started for free!

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