Introducing Practika by Nuna

Ever since we launched Nuna, our community of mental healthcare experts have been discussing and ideating a lot on private practice on a variety of topics ranging  from finding new clients to medical history, invoicing, group therapy etc. We felt the need to have a shared resource with our community to talk about these topics and learn from each other.

Mental healthcare, especially through private practice, is a rapidly evolving field but the tools and knowledge needed to save time and run a seamless practice are poorly organised and sometimes with outdated information.

This is the main reason why we built Nuna. Practika is another extended effort to compliment what we do at Nuna. Our mission is to empower every mental healthcare expert around the world with access to timely and helpful information required to run their practice.

We will focus on topics like industry trends, simplifying complex paperwork, marketing and of course learning from each other on private practice. And of course, we will look forward to blog contributions from each and every one of you so other experts and clients can learn from your knowledge and experience.

If this interests you and you would like to receive an update on your email, please do subscribe to Practika.

As always, our team will strive towards saving your time and growing your private practice.

With ♡ from Nuna


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